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Pi Day (Approximately) 2020 Is Back!

feedSCV's original fundraiser has returned!  The 2020 Pi Day Auction is back, July 22 or "22/7"... a rough approximation of Pi.

feedSCV was founded by area foodies coming together over a meal, with a desire to help out our neighbors who face difficulty having a great meal.  We can think of no better way to help those by continuing the tradition of sharing delicious pies (and more!)

Funds from the 2020 Pi Day will be used to help feedSCV continue our programming and helping fulfill our mission of making sure EVERYONE in the Santa Clarita Valley has the skills, knowledge and resources to have a delicious meal at home, every day.  

As our programs continue to grow, we'll need more and more help, and we encourage you to sign up to volunteer with us by clicking here.