Bringing healthy, hands-on cooking experiences to Santa Clarita Valley residents who want to make more meals at home
Cooking Classes

We believe our families and communities are stronger when we can come together and share a meal at home. That’s why our cooking workshops are designed to get people excited about the idea of being in the kitchen again. Whether we’re teaching bbq mastery or the basics of breadmaking, all of our workshops are infused with passion and sprinkled with humor. Some of our most popular requests include No Knead Sourdough, Sushi at Home and Handmade Pasta 101.

While the feedSCV workshop kitchen is a memorable place to fall in love with the art of cooking, we didn’t forget about the realities of providing healthy, home-cooked meals. After all, if food is going to bring people to the table, it has to fit into our busy lives and tight budgets first. Meal prep workshops make use of fresh, affordable ingredients, and our quick-and-easy countertop appliance classes cover crock pots, instant pots and air fryers.

Classes are reserved for a small donation; however, we waive all fees for community members who cannot make a donation.  To get notified of our class availability, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!


Stepping up, as a community, when our neighbors face hardship or crisis by providing hot and healthy emergency meal services
Emergency Meals

By pooling community resources, feedSCV has provided emergency meal services in local crises and disasters. During the Sand Fire in 2016, for example, we provided three meals a day to three different emergency shelters for about a week, while the evacuations displaced many from their homes. The first night we rolled up our sleeves and made some classic Italian: spaghetti and meatballs with Caesar salad and rolls.

When government employees were furloughed for 35 days, we delivered $250 grocery store gift cards to families, helping hold them over to the next paycheck. The demand exceeded our ability to provide, but we better understood how much there was to be done.

Photo Courtesy Ron Pinkerton, Under a Creative Commons License
“Ready to Learn – Local School District Weekend Backpack Program

Local educators brought a specific need to our attention when they explained that no resources in Santa Clarita delivered food donations directly to children in need; yet elementary school-aged kids had been identified by schools as homeless.

Starting in the 2019-20 school year, we began providing a backpack full of food to kids on Fridays, when they’re identified as homeless. While we currently provide this service at three campuses in the Newhall School District, we plan to expand to more school sites soon.


Working with the public, local schools and government to bring healthy meals to the hungry and the family table back to the center of our community
Bringing People Together Around Food

Advocating for our mission, we work with the community and local leaders to feed the Santa Clarita Valley — and feed it well. If that means educating people about sustainable farming and food practices, then we get a booth at the Newhall Farmers Market and answer questions. If it means encouraging better access to healthy, affordable food for our community members, then we work with local elected officials to make sound policy choices. As the needs of this valley change and evolve, so does our capacity to serve as its advocate for a good ol’ fashioned meal at the kitchen table.